Are you feeling uninspired, stuck or unable to move forward?

Have to become an entrepreneur and chosen home education, but you still feel tied to a structure that does not fit your or societal norms?

Are you ready to say yes to living your live intentionally, truly nurturing yourself, your heart and your family?

Do you know You are capable of living the life of your dreams, and loving the world around you?
Once in while, we get stuck on the road to our dreams or need simple calibrations. Unless we know what we are missing, we cannot know how to readjust properly. The easiest way to reset is with someone that has been were you are and is now where you want to be.
I have always been an entrepreneur and had some successful businesses yet always felt empty, unhappy and unfulfilled. I was always waiting for that next thing that would change how I felt and provide comfort and prosperity. Because of these i would over work myself to the point of exhaustion, illness, and broken private life.

It wasn't until my marriage fell apart that I realized it was time for a change. I needed to be all of me, intentionally and wholeheartedly, and focus on living instead of surviving. This created a thirst to be free from societal musts and everything I had always been told I 'had" to do.

Now I live the life of my dreams my way... while unschooling my kids, while running my own business, while being true to my heart! And you can too, all my secrets are at your disposal on my 1:1, all you need is willingness to choose freedom.

I have been there and it took me years to learn all the things I needed to create fluidity daily while juggling  a full time business, homeschooling, travel and life.

Sometimes we need personal attention to present
our areas of difficulty and get right to
the core of the issue. We will go
deep into each area of life that
affects your connection and interaction with
your children while creating ease in your day.

 We will go into:





-Personal care

-Deep believes

-Family contract

-Making your dreams come true


One on one, so you can speak freely

about the areas you prefer! 


1:1 Coaching

Freedom to Dream

Adjusting towards your goal

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