Photo Jul 05 8 42 01 AM    In searching for the perfect education for my children I came to the realization that what I felt my children needed to succeed in every aspect of their life was either not offered or not easily found. So, me, just a regular mom with a semi-regular upbringing, took it upon myself to find as many programs and teachers, and put them all in one comprehensive portal to make it easy for everyone to find and use. I think most parents, as they are holding their newborn, sit back and go through all the ways they wished their life had been different. When choosing the right education for my children, I went through in my head all the things I wish I had learned at an early age.

     For example, I went through a common life cycle…. Born happy, learned to belong or live within society, became sad and spent the next few years trying to fix my sadness, an endeavour that took me until my mid-thirties to accomplish. What a waste of time!!!! I always felt that if I had been taught at an early age the tools I was provided with during adulthood to fix my sadness or brokenness, I wouldn't have been broken in the first place. If I had been taught to understand myself, as well as I understood math, maybe as life happened, I would have been able to understand it's flow and deal with each event in a more productive way. 

     So, as soon as i had children I knew I wanted to do things differently. But I started out by trying to choose schools that I thought would be best for Photo Jul 07 7 07 10 AMthem. They experienced 2 different schools from pre-k to second grade for my oldest, and from pre-k to first grade for my youngest. The schools were very nice, the staff was very helpful, and the teachers adored them. But I started to see signs of stress. They would come home extra quite, or stirred up ready to pick a fight, or just plain angry for no apparent reason, once even in tears without knowing why. I had two problems with this: First, they are so little to stress. Second, stress is based on perception, triggered by lack of control or a feeling that somehow what should be isn't. And then they experienced a major life changing event.. their dad and I decided to separate. The months that followed were rough for us all, and even though the teachers were very helpful and offered them love and support, and they were receptive to counseling, I realized that I did not have them enough to truly teach them the techniques I had learned about "self". Here I was, having worked for years on how to be the best version of myself, and I was not succeeding at passing the information down to them.

     At this point, I decided to home school. Not an easy decision by any means. Even though I was a good student while in school, I always hated school settings and tests and learning things that were completely irrelevant to life. So, my mind kept screaming "how the hell do you think you can teach someone else?". But one character trait that I am very proud to have is the ability to just say " fuck it, I'm doing it" and then just proceeding to figure it out. And I did, I figured it as we went! ANd I realized that it wasn't as scary as it seemed. People have been doing it for years and there is so much offered. I am not saying its for everyone, but it definitely worked for us. Our homeschooling programs started out structured and changed with us over time. As we evolved as a group, so did our curriculum and they way it was learned/taught. I still found difficulty finding teachers and courses for things I found important. But at least I was able to spend more time with them to teach them the things I had learned. 

Photo Jul 07 6 33 20 AM     During this time is when I decided to create Project:KAring. I've always had a " we are all in this together" mentality, so I wanted to share the things I had experience so far as the teacher to my children and wanted to offer easier options than what I was given. Eventually, I decided to sell my business and dive head first into my kids and Project: KAring. We started a roadtrip in search for education. Hands up, wind in hair, no plan but to learn other options and live our life in different ways. The idea was to live in different areas for a few weeks, diving deep into culture, landscapes, weather patterns, history, and sharing time and stories with locals, learning about life through their eyes. We didn't want to be tourists, we just wanted the real. We wanted to see what life was really like for people in each area. And we have learned so much, The more we learn the more Project: KAring evolves and the happier I am to be able to offer my kids this opportunity. And that passion to have this be possible to anyone that wishes to have it has become even stronger.

     In this blog, I share some of my perspectives on education. These are ideas and concepts that I have come across with and that I feel passionate about. I will also share tidbits of our life on the road once in a while and those brave souls that are creating learning revolutions all over the world.



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