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Coping with Circumstances

There are a countless number of lessons to be learned on the road. We are literally and figuratively exploring uncharted territory every day. So we are faced with life lessons and opportunities for personal growth at every turn. By far my favorite of these lessons is learning the ability to adapt to new and unpredictable situations. Having to cope with the unexpected isn’t easy and, when you are on the road, 75% of our encounters are random by nature. There are a few ways I handle this as a parent. Read More...


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I just wanted to cry.

My soul felt so heavy. Not from sadness or happiness, but from many years of pent up emotion.

It was as if my emotions finally had the okay to unleash their cooped-up fury on every part of my being.

I had been creating six figures worth of product, mostly alone. I would wake up between 2 and 4 in the morning, sitting up in my bed ever so slowly to keep my nausea at bay. I would slip on my soft and stretchy work pants so as not to disturb the swelling that came from the lack of sleep and poor eating patterns. I would brush my teeth, pull my hair back and, barely looking in the mirror, I would head to work. Read More...


Checking in

As parents, we tend to choose what kind of parent we want to be and then adapt through trial and error. Children are ever changing so parenting should always change along with them. What they need as babies will not be the same thing they need as toddlers or as pre-teens. For me, my parenting has evolved but holding on to the same core believes. Giving my children a voice has always been a priority for me. I grew up in the final stages of the era that claimed that “children should be seen and not heard”. So the opposite holds true for my parenting. I will give my kids every opportunity they need to express themselves. One of my children prefers talking things out and the other prefers sitting quietly until she’s able to work through her thoughts. I’m somewhere in between the two techniques but I make sure I give them room to choose their own type of self-expression as I guide them through how to cope with their surroundings. Read More...

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