House and Pet Sitting

Photo Apr 19 11 54 55 AMPet sitting pricing
$20/ feeding and walk for up to 2 animals
$5 per additional animal
Daylight mandatory stay at home time $12 per hour
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My daughters and I have been traveling the US for more than a year housesitting and taking care of pets. They are both homeschooled and traveling has become part of our curriculum. Our favorite part is experiencing new places as the locals do. This is why we much rather stay in someone’s home that in a hotel. We not only get to meet amazing people but areas in which hotels are located, are usually much more touristy and not really the experience we are searching for.

Meeting pets has also been an amazing learning opportunity for the girls. Each new furry friend has a completely different personality and unique needs, so adapting our treatment to their necessities has provided lots of practice of how to integrate into the world around us. We have had the opportunity to take care of many dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, chickens, goats and pigs. It has truly been a dream come true that we are very thankful for.
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Because we Housesit as an opportunity to experience new places, that service is free in exchange for food and stay. Housitting includes watering plants, getting your mail and making sure your home is in working order. We also make sure to always pick up after ourselves and will leave the home just like we found it, if not better. Any other requests will be charged according to the time or complexity.

We only charge for pet sitting and for required accompanying time. Since we are already present overnight in yourPhoto Jan 21 9 29 12 AM home, your pet gets free company and cuddles Overnight. We only charge to be present for your pet’s cuddling needs during daylight hours if your pet can’t be left alone for more than a few hours at a time between morning feeding/walk and afternoon feeding/walk. This extra time is charged at $12 per hour in addition to any feeding/walk charges.

Feeding and walk charges are $20 for up to 2 pets and $5 each additional pet. This includes feeding, administering medications, cleaning up after them, and a walk or playtime. This part it’s my daughter’s specialty! They seem to have as much energy as our furry friends which makes them a perfect match.

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