Become an Affiliate!

Has your child taken one of our Programs and loved it so much you tell everyone?

Or maybe you just think they are so needed in the world today?

Well, wouldn't it be great to get a comission for those people that sign up because of your recommendation?

We believe that we are all in this together!

And thus why we like to give back to those that help us spread the word. When you become an affiliate, you get 20% commission from any sales acquired through your affiliate link. So, if there is a class or service you have heard about or have experienced and truly liked, when you share the link on social media or one on one with people you know, you will receive a commission from any of those sales.

What do you get when you join our Affiliate Program!

  • 20% commission from each sale
  • 20% reoccurring payments
  • Affiliate Dashboard
  • Monthly direct deposits with your payments
  • links for all the programs we offer
  • Marketting materials
  • FB group for marketting ideas

Would you like to become an Affiliate?

If you are ready to become an affiliate click on the button below
and fill out the Affiliate form, we will get back to you in 24-48 hours.

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